Happy Birthday LLP!

A year in and a lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same, and a lot has been learned . It has been a post pandemic rollercoaster of a year. So I thought it would be nice to update the blog and reflect on a year gone by. 
A year ago we started with a mission statement, an idea of what the club would be and where it would go. I am pleased to say that hasn't changed. We wanted a club that was open, transparent, and welcoming. A place where students could come and celebrate learning while having a good time doing it. In a year these values have converted into a culture we are all proud of. Our core principles of taking manuscripts through mechanics and testing is still our method. That method is giving us better and better techniques every session.
Many of our students are the same as that first night, they have done us proud and continue to do so. Their ability and learning never ceases to amaze us.  On the night before our opening there was the worry no one would turn up, there was the worry that those that did would all be insane, there were all the worries anyone who has opened a club has felt. I can honestly say all the people that stayed made us feel a little foolish for those worries. They are all wonderful students and now good friends. Their technical abilities have gone from strength to strength and they now mentor our newer student with a care and diligence to be proud of.
Not all stayed the same, and much evolved. We got new students and they flowed straight into the LLP family and we look forward to them learning more and more. It is nice that we have a relatively young club with a really diverse experience set. No matter our ability we are united by our culture of learning and support.
We changed hall! Anyone who has tried to run an organisation like ours will appreciate this. It was hell on wheels but our executive officer forged us a path that gave us a truly wonderful replacement!
We are also honest enough to say we learnt a lot from the last year! I learned that my discipline at writing blogs is poor, I should dedicate more time to it! We also learned more about what works and what doesn't from a business perspective. We have refined and keep refining what we do.
While our core methodology and teaching outlook are the same, it has evolved and we are always learning and learning what works. We have a fluidity with around the core, which allows us to adapt to the ever changing world around us.
With our birthday here we also look to the future. We are optimistic about the future and are enjoying the LLP journey. We are also super excited about planning for our next project and evolving what we have.
Happy Birthday Longpoint!