About our classes

Our classes follow this simple structure:

1)Warm up
2)Linear learning (paired and individual taught exercises)
3)Non linear learning (sparring and other free form learning techniques)
4)Warm down

What you need to bring is yourself (as long as you are 18 or over), a drink of water, sensible non-marking sports shoes and loose clothing. Minimum safety equipment is protective gloves and a fencing mask for any paired exercises. If you don't have equipment, don't worry the club has spares to lend. If you do, great, bring them along and we'll see if they are suitable. 

No experience? No problem! - get in touch and we'll sign you up to the next suitable session and answer any questions you may have. 

We have hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes available for everyone to use at any point of the session. Any further health and safety mitigations will be made clear before the class.

Your first session is free, so come along and see if you like it! 

£40 a year membership fee and £10 a class
  • Student Insurance
  • Access to club kit
  • 2+ hour instruction a week
  • Access to our online community
  • Members only sparring sessions
  • Membership for both Leicester and Coventry Longpoint


Classes are Thursdays at 1900-2100 in Enderby


Classes are Wednesdays 1900-2100 in Coventry