About us

At Longpoint we teach Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) of the medieval and renaissance era, in a modern and inclusive way. We take historical manuals and process them through modern sports science and teaching methods to give an effective and enjoyable experience. 

Our Focus at  Longpoint

While our primary focus is German Longsword we touch most handheld weapons of the period. No matter the weapon we employ the same methodology to learning and staying safe. We have a simple methodology of the techniques we teach. Each technique must answer three simple questions:

1.       Does it fit the words of the masters?

2.       Does it structurally work using the best body mechanics?

3.       Does it work in a non-structured environment (will it work in a fight)?

For those who pour over the fight books our core texts for longsword are Ringeck and Dobringer. For those who don’t, and this is their first view of HEMA, come along and find out more about these interesting and effective teachers. While this is our focus we dive into anything and everything to prove a point or offer clarification. Our non-longsword texts are just as far ranging and diverse.

Who is HEMA for?


The answer is everyone! We welcome all people as long as you are 18 or over and believe strongly in inclusivity and diversity. There is no bar to learning and we encourage anyone who likes the idea to get in touch, come along and see what it is all about.

For those new to HEMA and those interested in how we do it, we train with a variety of tools and techniques. These include synthetic (plastic based) swords as well as steel swords. In our arsenal of tools, we also employ focus pads, daggers, spears and all sorts of other weapons of the period.

To keep us safe, any paired exercise will require a minimum of appropriate gloves and a fencing mask (discounting grappling). As the weapons risk increases so does the protective equipment keeping everyone safe and happy. At the club we focus on technique over strength and hone our skills to utilise all the best techniques for our art.

How we train

The weapons and the techniques may be medieval, but our teaching isn't! We bring every modern technique to bear to improve student learning. Our lessons are collaborative and seek to focus on technique learned in a controlled and explained way, followed by opportunity to really test those skills in sparring or open exercises. We left medieval correction in the middle ages and our learning is a lot more fun, and a lot safer, never pushing a student beyond their limits or their enjoyment.