Code of Conduct

While this document is intended as a positive affirmation of our beliefs and a means to keep everyone safe, it deals with the best and worst scenarios to affirm that we are prepared to maintain a safe, positive, learning experience for all.


Our culture aspires to blend learning and enjoyment for all, in a safe and controlled manner. We are an inclusive club, who values all its members. Whether in sparring or discussion we respect our partners and club members opinions and desires. Our focus is not on winning sparring, competition, or surviving a 14th century duel: our focus is on individual and collective improvement. The only way we can effectively do this is by working together. More than that, it is the people around us as much as the sport we do, that is why we are here.


There are few rules within the club, but those we have fall into two main categories. The first is Safety: these rules are in place to keep everyone safe and are non-negotiable. They are the high-level safety rules which are the minimum for any session or exercise. Additional rules may be layered in at the instructor's discretion, to increase safety. If anyone does not feel entirely comfortable and have safety concerns these should be addressed immediately as collaboratively as possible. No student or Instructor should ever proceed into any exercise they do not feel comfortable with.

The second set of rules pertain to how we treat each other. Everyone should be treated with respect. We engage in collaborative experience and our culture is one of working together. We do not tolerate any discrimination, any bullying, or any other antisocial behaviour. Any concerns be elevated to the instructor or the clubs governing body if more appropriate.

We seek to address all issues early and in as light-handed manner as possible, however if there’s continued rule breaking or severe rule breaking, we can progress down the disciplinary route to removal from the session or the club itself.

Outside the Club and Social Media

Each member of the club is an ambassador for the club. As such there is no differentiation between our policy in the training hall and on the streets, whether they be virtual or paved. Anything that makes a member uncomfortable with another members behaviour should be reported and will be taken as seriously as if it were in person.

Inclusivity Policy

At Leicestershire Longpoint we strongly believe in equality and inclusivity. We welcome all people and train together with shared goals of being safe and having fun.  

Inclusivity is one of our core tenants as it is only when we are all comfortable with each other that we can fully reach our true potential. This is more than a policy we adhere to, this is part of our core ethics.

While inclusive of all, some exercises may have to be amended to accommodate some disabilities. This is to ensure the safety of the student and those around them. At Leicestershire Longpoint we make every effort to make every reasonable effort to remain safe in every activity we do.

We adhere to the Protected characteristics defined within the Equality Act 2010 of:

  • age

  • disability

  • gender reassignment

  • marriage and civil partnership

  • pregnancy and maternity

  • race

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

No one may be discriminated against for any reason related to any of these characteristics.