Student Profile: Giles

Giles, a dedicated member of Longpoint since October 2022, has proven to be an invaluable asset to Coventry Longpoint. His journey is not just one of personal growth but also of exceptional commitment and leadership within the club.

From the outset, Giles’s passion was evident as he quickly amassed gear and attended every HEMA event possible, showcasing an unwavering dedication to his new favourite martial art. His regular presence at both Longpoint clubs is complemented by a cheerful optimism that endears him to anyone he meets.

Whether training at the club or taking part in external events Giles really is the embodiment of Longpoint in approach and manner. Building on a solid martial background and embracing Longpoint’s ethos, Giles has made remarkable strides, emerging as a formidable fencer through consistent training, a willingness to learn and a good sense of humour.

However, Giles’s contributions go even further. Stepping into the role of Coventry Longpoint’s first Executive Officer, he seamlessly filled the breach and excelled in organizational responsibilities. From keeping media flowing to maintaining clear correspondence, Giles has become the friendly face of Longpoint.

Giles is perpetually taking photos and writing Coventry posts so it was difficult to get a snap of him from longpoint stock photos. As he will descend upon any event it was easy to track him down and take a photo of him in his natural training environment.

His profile on the Longpoint website serves as a testament to Giles’s multifaceted role within the club:

In essence, Giles’s story is one of dedication, growth, and leadership. His impact on Coventry Longpoint goes beyond training, making him an integral part of the club’s identity and success. Giles is not just a great fencer but also a welcoming face that embodies the spirit of Longpoint.