Student Profile: Jojo



Jojo has made a significant impact at Longpoint since the day he joined. His commitment and hard work have made him an essential part of the club, both in terms of skill and character.

From the beginning, Jojo has consistently shown dedication to his training. Over the months, he not only participated in sessions but took the initiative and volunteered to lead introduction sessions. Soon, he surpassed club records by running more introduction sessions than anyone in club  history and even started conducting his own lessons within the main group. I really look forward to developing these skills with Jojo

Jojo's strength lies in his ability to understand and apply theoretical concepts to practice. His knack for sharing his knowledge with others adds a valuable layer to the club's learning environment. Jojo has truly become a driving force behind the educational aspect of Longpoint.

Beyond his skills, Jojo's friendly and helpful nature has made him a well-liked member of the community. Always ready to assist others, he embodies the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Jojo is not just an asset to Longpoint; he's a good friend to everyone involved.

In essence, Jojo's journey at Longpoint is a story of hard work, dedication, and genuine kindness. His impact on the club showcases the positive outcomes that result from a student's passion and commitment. Jojo is not just a participant; he's a vital and friendly presence that enriches the Longpoint experience for everyone.

Dave Allen

Student Profile



How long have you been doing HEMA:

Just over 2 years.

How Long Have you been at Longpoint: 

Just over 2 years!

 Which source do you love the most:

Jorg Wilhalm's Fight Book 1522.

What do you love about Longpoint:

I most of all love the communal set-up of the club - questions are welcome, disagreements are discussed, suggestions very often shape what we're doing.

 What do you love about HEMA:What do you do when not living the HEMA dream:

HEMA is a complete workout of mind and body, there is as much an athletic element as there is a thinking element and combining the two to perform to your best is incredibly satisfying. Actual history is an extra but I do also love using the sources as an anchor point to dig into the time period and the people of that time.

What do you do when not living the HEMA dream:

 I work in a kitchen as my boring job and do sound design and voice acting for games as my second job. Goth nights for the rare moments I'm not working.

Super Skill:

Speed and reactions, both with my sword and more recently my feet.

 Super Kryptonite:

Mindset - getting complacent and relying on my strengths can cause me to fence quite statically, I continually try and work on changing strategy once my old tricks stop working.

 Favorite weapon: 


 How many swords do you own: 

2 greatswords, 3 longswords, 2 daggers!

 Which is your favourite?

Regenyei No. 8 Zweihänder