Vin has been a dedicated member of Longpoint since its inception, consistently attending training sessions with an impressive level of commitment. His dedication is so remarkable that he may have attended more sessions than me.

What truly distinguishes Vin is his proactive approach to learning. During each session, he wholeheartedly focuses on honing his skills and continually seeks innovative ways to improve. Even when revisiting techniques covered multiple times over the years, Vin meticulously deconstructs them, striving for refinement and mastery.

Vin's positive attitude towards learning embodies Longpoint's core values, serving as an inspiring example for newer members. When he fences he proves dedication, thoughtful training, and a strategic mindset are far more effective than relying solely on strength or brute force. Vin's agility and keen ability to identify gaps in fencing make him a stellar example of smart, tactical fencing over reckless charging.

Away from the swords, Vin is a great company and has a great sense of humour that I really enjoy. From socials to events to training sessions, Vin is great fun to be around, and I really value our time together.

In summary, Vin's journey at Longpoint is a testament to his unwavering dedication, innovative approach to learning, and exemplary fencing skills. He not only embodies the club's core values but also serves as a role model for smart and strategic fencing. Vin's presence enriches the Longpoint community, both with or without swords.






How long have you been doing HEMA:

Two and a half years.


How Long Have you been at Longpoint:

Since the club started, two and a half years.


Which source do you love the most:

Paulus Hector Mairs work. The longsword treatise is pretty fun but I love the story about the man himself. Embezzling money as Town mayor for many years and having a lavish lifestyle with lots of parties, somehow getting away with it all till he got caught and hanged.


What do you love about Longpoint:

The sense of community, how supportive the group is. We’re all learning and having fun together. 

What do you love about HEMA

The chance to use historic weapons and learn actual techniques they would have used. Id been a fan of fantasy media for years so it’s cool to learn how it actually would have been done and the historic context. I also really like taking a technique and trying to figure out how it works as a group, then finding its strengths and weaknesses. Hema is a great work out and inspires me to keep fit and get stronger. But also playing with swords is so much fun.


What do you do when not living the HEMA dream:

Finance work for local government. Playing video games and D&D.


Super Skill:

Persistence, hand snipes and the occasional Scheitelhau.


Super Kryptonite:

Endurance and being grappled.

Favourite weapon:

Montante. Giant swords are so cool, and I love the big swirling techniques.


How many swords do you own:



Which is your favourite?

My steel sword, the Kvetun Hubert. My first steel sword and the one everyone asks how I keep so shiny. Its no secret method, just a bit of metal cleaner and polish now and then.